is a website dedicated to the Nokia Aeon concept phone.

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13 Responses to “About”

  1. arvin says:

    when will it be released? and what is its features??

  2. Sauraab says:

    I want to get one! dont know when it will be released, someone have any Idea?

  3. Igor says:

    Sorry, but never….

  4. Aryan Gangs says:

    i love this i wana have 1,2,3 of the for all my sim carts
    but when it released
    just give me the way i really love it

  5. Oliver moore says:

    What the hell is this phone, when is it out, how much does it cost, im searchin on the internet and cant find anything on this mystery phone???? plz help me and my mate want one now!!??!!

  6. Frank says:

    Nokia was to scared to make this phone because its too fragile.

  7. Sebastian says:

    guys, it´s a concept phone…. so it´ll never be released ;( but one can see it in “the echelon conspiracy”
    nice phone anyway…

  8. lalitha says:

    yah i too saw in echelon conspiracy
    i too need one
    hopin it to be released

  9. tony says:

    very interesting about it.
    I have the same question, when released?

  10. Kishore says:

    Boys…this is Concept phone….which will never be released….just like Concept Cars…dont waste your time wasting for this phone..instead go for BB as early as possible.

  11. khurram says:

    hi…can anyone tell me what are concept phones?and why they will be not released?any strong reason?

  12. jugal says:

    nokia keeps trying to develop this Aeon Concept Phone. have patience.

  13. MOHD ARSHAD says:

    I want this phone(nokia aeon)please–I want any cost please tell me every possiblety

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